IRS HVUT Form 2290 Online Filing

Heavy Highway Vehicles that use the public highways must report and file the IRS Form 2290. As these vehicles are expected to make most of the damages to the public highways, this tax was introduced, which is to be filed by the Heavy Vehicle Owners / Operators / Users. The collected tax amount is used for maintaining and constructing the highway roads.

Form 2290 has to be filed by the operators or the owners of the heavy weight vehicle with gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more every year, before the due date of August 31st.

Mandatory E-filing for HVUT Form 2290

Though the tax filers can choose any of the filing option to file Form 2290, the IRS made it mandatory to E-file IRS 2290 Tax Form if the tax filers are filing 25 or more vehicles at a time. The IRS also recommends the E-filing option for the tax filer files even for a single vehicle as E-filing is simple, secure and quick.

Time to E-file IRS Form 2290 Online Through Tax2efile

The IRS 2290 Tax Form has to be filed for each month when a taxable vehicle is first used on the public highway during the tax period of July 1st to June 30th. This must be made by the last day of the following month of the first used month of the vehicle.

When you are filing Form 2290 through Paper Filing Method, you just need to mail the filled Form 2290 along with the payment to the IRS and wait for 4 to 6 weeks in order to receive the Stamped Schedule 1 copy from the IRS. Remember that, the Stamped Schedule 1 is needed to obtain the new plates for the vehicles or to renew the base plates of the vehicle.

Now you can E-file IRS 2290 Form at your own comfort. E-filing Form 2290 through Tax2efile is a cakewalk and Tax2efile Tax Filing System is easy for first time tax filers. Just fill the required information; submit the 2290 Form and the completed application is transmitted to the IRS. After completing the further process, the IRS sends the Schedule 1 to the tax filer instantly.

Most of the tax filers choose to E-file HVUT Return through Tax2efile because the filing system is simple for the beginners, secured transactions, safer records and quick processing.

Instant Notifications & Alerts

The tax filers of Tax2efile can get instant notifications or alerts regarding the recent updates and IRS status update to the mobile number. You will be notified when you receive the Stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS, hence you can download the Schedule 1 copy instantly as soon as you receive.

Employer Identification Number(EIN) for E-filing Form 2290

In order to E-file Form 2290, the tax filer requires a valid Employer Identification Number(EIN). When you are new to the business, ensure to obtain an EIN as soon as possible, because without an EIN you cannot file IRS 2290 Tax Form. Even the new EIN takes few days to be updated in the IRS System. When you file Form 2290 with the new EIN, if the IRS system could not detect the new EIN in the database, the IRS rejects the Form 2290. As a result, you need to wait and re-file the IRS 2290 Form.

Tax Professionals

Tax Professionals can make use of Tax2efile to E-file HVUT 2290 Form. The tax professionals will be given an exclusive login account to E-file the Bulk Filings. As a tax professional, you will get discounted price for the uploads. The auto-fill templates will lessen much of your work. All you need to do is, select the business you are filling for and upload the filled template anywhere and anytime.

File unlimited number of 2290 Forms for a single flat fee. Pre-pay for the set of filings and these pre-paid filings does not expire. To know more about these options, contact our customer support team at

Fleet Owners in Tax2efile

If you are a fleet owner and need to E-file Form 2290, you can just create an account through Tax2efile and start filing. As a fleet owner, you get additional features like :

  • Tax computations are performed by the expert team accurately and quickly.
  • Professional assistance throughout the filing process.
  • Interface assists to complete the Forms instantly.
  • Ensures the correctness of the form and avoids human errors.

E-filing Form 2290 Amendments

Tax filers can amend the Form 2290 in order to correct the previous mistakes. When there is a need to make Form 2290 Amendments, you can E-file Form 2290 Amendments through Tax2efile.

Exceeded Mileage Usage Limit

When you have filed Form 2290 for a suspended weight category for the current tax year and the mileage usage limit is exceeded during the period, then you need to report to the IRS and pay the tax due in order to use the vehicle. Incase of exceeding the limit, it is liable for the taxpayer to pay the tax to the IRS and you can file the Amendments to Form 2290.

Increase in Taxable Gross Income

When there is an increase in the taxable gross weight of the vehicle, then you need to report to the IRS and pay the difference in tax amount in order to continue using the vehicle. Enter the additional tax amount on the last day of the month prior to the increased weight month. For instance, when the weight of the vehicle increases in April, then you must make the amendments on the last day of the March Month.

VIN Corrections

When you found that the VIN in the previous filed Form 2290 is incorrect, you can correct it by doing VIN Corrections. The Internal Revenue Service allows the tax filers to correct the VIN and issues the new IRS Stamped Schedule 1. Makesure to enter the correct VIN while E-filing Form 2290.

Form 2290 Claims

When the tax payer owes tax amount to the IRS, the tax payer makes the payment. On the other hand, when the IRS owes back to the tax payer, it can be made through claims. The IRS 2290 Form claims can be done using Form 8849 Schedule 6.

Stolen, Sold or Destroyed Vehicle Claims

For stolen, sold and destroyed vehicles before June 1st and not used during the rest of the tax period, will qualify the vehicle to make the claim. Report the claim to the IRS and make the refund for unused period. You can E-file 2290 claims to the IRS, the IRS processes the claim and sends back the cheque.

Low Mileage Credits

When you have filed Form 2290 already and paid the tax amount, but the vehicle didn’t exceed the mileage limit of 5,000 miles on public highways, the low mileage claims can be filed electronically. The IRS validates the return and once accepted sends back the cheque.

Over Payment of Tax

There are some tax filers who file Truck Tax Form 2290 and pay the tax amount unintentionally for already paid tax period. At some point, they file the Form 2290 for the same VIN twice, instead of filing for another VIN. In such cases, you can retrieve your money back from the IRS.

Stamped Schedule 1

The tax payer files Form 2290 and submits to the IRS. The IRS validates the application and sends back the Stamped Schedule 1 as a proof of payment.

What is Stamped Schedule 1?

Stamped Schedule 1 is the proof of payment that the tax payer has reported the Form 2290 for the Heavy Weight Highway Vehicle. While Paper Filing demands about 4 to 6 weeks to receive the Schedule 1 copy, E-filing will provide the Schedule 1 within minutes after the IRS approval.

Benefits of Stamped Schedule 1

  • In order to report the owed heavy vehicles to the IRS through Vehicle Identification Number.
  • As a payment proof of HVUT Return to register or renew the vehicles.
  • To stay on public highway roads legally.

File IRS Tax Form 2290 Through Etax2290 Mobile App

To comfort our customers more, we have updated with the technology and came up with our iOS and Android Mobile App, through which you can file IRS 2290 Tax Form on the go from your smart phones and other enabled devices.

The truckers are busy on the road and hardly find time to relax themselves. Inbetween their hectic work schedule, preparing the truck tax, calculating the Heavy Vehicle Used Tax(HVUT) and paying them before the due date requires a lot of time and effort. When the filing is made after the due date, it attracts IRS penalties and interests. Hence, it becomes necessary to file Form 2290 on time without any delay.

To simply the filing process and assist throughout the filing, Tax2efile has developed the Etax2290 App. It enables efficient filing at better rates. This app is absolutely free to download and you can start E-filing Form 2290 through your smart phone anywhere and anytime; receive the Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes. If you are new user, you just need to register with us to start your filing.

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