1099 Corrections

Did you made a mistake e-filing your Forms 1099 or 1098?

Tax2efile makes corrections easier than ever! Simply access your Tax2efile account and select “Corrections”. Customers who filed their original 1099 and 1098 return with
Tax2efile can file their correction for free or for as many recipients as they like. Corrections can only be made to the recipient of your 1099s (payers for 1098)

Correction types

Amount corrections:

Select amount correction if you made a mistake on the amounts reported on your 1099/1098 for an individual(s), Tax2efile allows you to correct the amount to either higher or lower the amount.

Name or TIN correction:

Typos in a recipient's name or the TIN (tax identification number) can be changed by selecting Name/TIN correction.

1099/1098 corrections cannot be filed for:

  • Mistakes and incorrections made to the filer's information
  • Changes in the recipient's address
  • The tax year selected

Filed a Form 1099 by mistake?

Tax2efile can help you void any extra 1099 forms by selecting the amount corrections and changing all reported amounts to $0.00, this will signal the IRS to void your submission.

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