Heavy Highway Vehicle Used Tax Form 2290

Heavy vehicles and truckers are moving the world forward with their unstopped work. They transport from food to machineries despite the weather conditions. When they stop their work for a single day, we will miss our daily routine for sure. Apart from that, trucking industry also takes a big responsibility in maintaining the highway roads by filing the Heavy Highway Used Tax Returns before the due date. The reported tax in the Form 2290 by the owners of the heavy vehicle is called as Heavy Vehicle Used Tax(HVUT).

Who Needs to File Heavy Vehicle Used Tax Form 2290 Returns?

It is not like all the vehicles that uses the highway needs to file HVUT Returns. The heavy highway vehicle with the gross taxable weight of 55,000 pounds or more and travel more than 5,000 miles(7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles) must file the Heavy Vehicle Used Tax Returns(HVUT).

Why to File Heavy Highway(Road) Used Tax Returns?

These heavy weight vehicles that uses the public highway roads may damage the road due to its heaviness and it has been proved. Hence, the Heavy Vehicle Used Tax(HVUT) is introduced and each heavy vehicle must file their taxes according to the used miles by the vehicle.

The standardized weight is 55,000 pounds and the miles of the vehicle is 5,000 miles(7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles). If the standard weight and the mileage exceeds, you are liable to file Heavy Highway Used Tax. When the vehicle does not exceed the mileage, the vehicle is considered as a suspended vehicle from filing the HVUT Returns. But the owners of the heavy vehicle need to inform the IRS that the vehicle is in suspension.

Major Reasons for to File Heavy Highway(Road) Used Tax Returns

  • To improve, reconstruct, cover up the damages and maintain the highway roads.
  • Maintaining highway and connecting bridges or roads.
  • To share more about driving to help the drivers and the owners of the heavy vehicle.
  • To deal with inspections and to calculate the taxes based on their owned vehicle.
  • Relief from traffic and congestion on highway.
  • Administration cost and debt service.

How to Find Whether You Need to File Heavy Highway Used Tax Form 2290?

If you own a heavy weight vehicle it doesn’t mean that you need to file, the HVUT Returns. When the vehicle’s gross weight is 55,000 pounds or more and travels 5,000 miles during the tax period, then you are liable to file the Heavy Highway Used Tax.

When to File Heavy Vehicle Used Tax Form 2290?

Heavy Vehicle Used Tax(HVUT) should be filed for the month when the vehicle is brought on the public highways for first use during the tax period. Usually, the tax period starts form July 1st to June 30th. The Heavy Vehicle Used Tax Returns should be filed by the last day of the following month of the vehicle’s first used month.

Note : If the due date falls on Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday, you can file the tax returns on the next business day.

Requirements to File HVUT Return

In order to file the Heavy Highway Used Tax Returns Form 2290 online, you require the following documents to be submitted to IRS at the time of E-filing :

IRS Payment Options

The Internal Revenue Service provides three payment options for the tax payers to make their tax payment. Pick the convenient payment option to make your payment on time.

Electronic Funds Withdrawal / Direct Debit :

In this payment method, the IRS will initiate the funds withdrawal from the mentioned bank account of the tax payer, which is provided while E-filing 2290 Heavy Vehicle Used Tax(HVUT). But the tax payer must ensure that there are enough funds to honor the tax payment.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System(EFTPS) :

EFTPS is another payment option preferred by the taxpayers. In this payment method, the taxpayer must schedule the payment and must be responsible for timely payment. In order to prefer this payment option, you need to create an account at eftps.gov. To start a tax payment through EFTPS, you should initiate the transaction at least one business day before the payment date.

Cheque or Money Order :

When you are not comfortable with the electronic fund transfer, you can pay the tax due through Money order or cheque. To opt this payment method, print the payment voucher 2290 V and mail the voucher to the IRS.

Send the voucher 2290-V to the following address :
Internal Revenue Service,
P.O. Box 804525,
OH 45280 4525.

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