E-filing of Form 8868 Tax Extension Online

The IRS Form 8868 - Exempt Organization Tax Extension

The IRS Form 8868 is used by the Non-Profits, Charities and other Tax Exempt Organizations to get an automatic 6 Months extension of time to file the 990-N Form tax returns. There is no need to provide any particular reason to IRS to file an extension. Simply complete the process of filing the Form 8868 and submit it to IRS before the deadline of May 15th. E-filing the Form 8868 extension with us is simple and secure. The filing happens within minutes.

NOTE: Now, the IRS has only a 6-Month automatic extension of time to file instead of the previous automatic 3-Month and subsequent request for an additional 3-Month extension.

Benefits of E-filing the Form 8868 Online with Tax2efile

  • IRS authorized E-file service provider for tax exempt returns.
  • Creating an account is FREE!
  • E-filing saves your time!
  • Receive Email/SMS confirmation once the IRS accepts your filing.
  • Automatic Tax Calculation.
  • Your data is secure with us!
  • U.S. based Customer Support.
  • Get access to a saved copy of your 990-N Extension anytime!

IRS Form 8868 E-filing Requirements

E-filing your Form 8868 is fairly simple and easy. We only require your Organization’s Basic Information. This includes the Name of your Organization, Address, EIN / SSN/ Tax ID, Tax Year and which 990-N Form you want to file your extension for.

E-file Form 8868 with Tax2efile

Tax2efile is the most trusted and approved IRS tax E-filing service partner with a decade of expertise in the tax field. Our simplified step-by-step guide, helps you to E-file 8868 Form quickly in minutes. We focus mainly on the convenience of our customers to E-file their 990-N extension through our trusted software platform. Once your Extension is approved by IRS, we will send you an IRS Confirmation Mail or SMS within 30 minutes. You can enjoy 6 Months of extra time to file your Form 990-N.


  • IRS 8870 cannot E-file with Part I or Part II. Complete the filing and print out the Form via your Tax2efile account and send it to the IRS via mail.
  • You cannot use the Form 8868 to extend the due date of Form 990-N via e-Postcard.

We are glad to provide U.S. based Customer Support via Free Live Chat to answer all your queries. You can also send us an email through support@tax2efile.com or call us on 703-229-0326.