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1099/1098 Premium Service

Tax2efile’s Premium Service is an easier way to file your information returns electronically with our tax filing software. It is designed to help tax professionals with multiple vendors or businesses that they file for. It only takes three steps from you the filer and the rest is handled by our experienced team members. 1099/1098 Premium Service is now available for users with less than 10 total recipients.

How to use Premium Service

Instant Tax Audit and Tax Notifications

Download Spreadsheet

Download the 1099/1098 full-service spreadsheet(s) from the website

Instant Tax Audit and Tax Notifications

Enter Information

Enter the required information into the spreadsheet

Accounting Software Integration


Submit your completed spreadsheet to us via email at

Once we have received payment for the requested Premium Service, we will upload your 1099/1098 spreadsheet(s) to your Tax2efile account, then our experienced team members will submit your document to the IRS and email you a submission confirmation.

What comes with Premium Service

With Tax2efile’s Premium Service, you get peace of mind knowing your information will be uploaded with any errors removed or corrected. Our support team will upload your information to your account and submit your 1099s to the IRS through our quick and secure e-filing software. You will get an email notification of the submission to the IRS and a PDF copy of your documents with a secure password to prevent third parties from accessing your data. Additional services we offer are:

Instant Tax Audit and Tax Notifications
TIN Check
Instant Tax Audit and Tax Notifications
Printing & Mailing
Accounting Software Integration
Emailing Recipient Copies

2290 Premium service

Tax2efile offers our customers 2290 premium service, a faster and easier way for heavy highway vehicle operators to get their 2290 stamped schedule 1 forms for all their vehicles. We allow our customers to ask for our premium service over the phone or through email.

File 2290 over the phone:

To file your 2290 return over the phone simply call our customer support at 703-229-0326 and ask to file your 2290 over the phone. Our customer support will add your information to your Tax2efile account and submit your 2290 return electronically. Then wait for your schedule 1 to arrive in your email instantly!

File 2290 over email

You can have our customer support file your 2290 for you through email as well. Simply log onto your tax2efile account and download our 2290 spreadsheet and fill it out with all your business, vehicle, and IRS payment method information. Then send your spreadsheet to our email and await confirmation after completing or service fee.

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