Form 8849 Excise Tax Return

When the taxpayer paid or deposited additional tax amount to the IRS over the tax liabilities while filing an excise tax return, the taxpayer is eligible to get a refund when the IRS approves the claim. IRS 8849 Form is used to refund the 2290 claims for the additional dollars paid. Usually the IRS pays back the amount by cheque to the mailing address. Make sure to select the appropriate schedule to file the claims for the excise tax refund.

Required Documents to File the Claim

  • Taxpayer Identification Number(TIN)
  • Claim Period
  • Number of Gallons
  • Item Number
  • Refund Amount
  • Rate

Form 8849 & its Schedule

Schedule 1 claims are for the non-taxable use of gasoline, aviation gasoline, undyed diesel fuel, undyed kerosene, kerosene used in aviation, alternative fuel, diesel-water fuel emission, exported dyed fuels and gasoline blend stocks.

Schedule 2 claims are for the registered vendor use for kerosene, undyed diesel fuel and undyed kerosene used in aviation, aviation gasoline and gasoline.

Schedule 3 claims is for claiming the credits, which are alcohol fuel mixture credit, renewable diesel mixture credit or biodiesel and alternative fuel mixture credit.

Schedule 5 claims are for the refund of second tax filed for various fuel types like diesel fuel, aviation gasoline, kerosene, kerosene for aviation use, diesel-water fuel emulsion, diesel fuel, kerosene for commercial aviation use and gasoline.

Schedule 6 is used for other claims that are reported under Form 2290, Form 730, Form 720 and Form 11-C.

Schedule 8 is used for the registered credit card issuers in order to claim the refunds on sale of certain fuel such as kerosene and diesel to local / state government or to non-profitable educational institutions.

Note :

  • Form 8849 Schedule 6 is used to claim the sold, destroyed and stolen vehicle claims.
  • Form 8849 Schedule 6 is used to claim for under mileage vehicle claims and over paid tax dues.
  • The taxpayer cannot make a multiple claim for refunds to file in a quarter. Hence check before filing the claims.
  • Excise tax refunds are not made online. The claims will be received through paper cheques. The IRS has started working on the electronic refunds and can expect online refunds in a while.

Electronic Filing via Tax2efile is Safe & Secure

Electronic filing is always easy, efficient, safe, secure, accurate and fast. It helps to minimize the human errors while preparing the claim and avoids the delays in processing the claims. Therefore, it saves a lot of time and dollars to the Tax E-filers.

While making a claim request online, it is transmitted to the IRS instantly for processing and receives the acknowledgement instantly. When the tax payer missed out something while filing that does not match with the IRS database, the IRS rejects the return and in that case the tax payer can correct the errors and E-file the Tax Returns instantly to the IRS for processing.

When the IRS approves the tax payer’s claims, the refund amount is paid through cheque, sent to the mailing address which is provided in the previously filed with the IRS. When you E-filed 2290 Tax Returns to the IRS, the cheque reaches faster than the paper filed returns.

The Tax2efile has the latest security system in order to make the E-filing Payment better and secure, which makes sure to serve the tax filers with the secured and the best website to E-file the Tax Returns. When you are filing through website other than ours, make sure that the website is secured and IRS certified. With the improvements in the technology, many fake service providers are into the markets. To clear your doubts and for other assistance call us at 703-229-0326 or drop a mail at

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