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How to safely share the road with semi-trucks? Tips to Share Road

Semi-trucks are vital for the economy of a country. The chief role of commercial and big rigs is transporting tons of goods across the country every year. While traveling in conjunction with large trucks, there are few safety threats for a driver.  Do you know that 75% of commercial vehicle accidents are due to passenger car drivers? Statistics also state that there were 4,657 fatal accidents in 2017 with semi-trucks involved. Hence to avert such accidents in...

How the Economy Needs the Trucking Industry?

The trucking industry is one of the best industries in the United States and has much impact on the economy of the nation. People who are associated with the trucking industry are hard-working and they contribute more to society. Daily activities of a common man are undistributed because of the tireless effort of the truck drivers. The truckers are responsible for moving the goods and delivering them to the destination. Every good that we buy is handled...

What is an EIN and How to Apply for Small Business?

EIN- Employer Identification Number is a unique 9 digit number that helps in identifying the business for the purpose of taxation. This EIN is issued by the IRS for the businesses. Every business owner even if it is a small business, is expected to open a business bank account, get business licenses, and file their respective tax returns. While implementing the above process, there will be no delays in obtaining the licenses or financing to operate the...