What is Form 1098-MORT? | Who should File Form 1098-MORT?

Form 1098-MORT

What is Form 1098-MORT?

IRS Form 1098-MORT, or also known as 1098 mortgage Interest is used to report mortgage interest payments made on a property such as a building or land. Primary user of this form are business, banks, and other individuals whose business involves providing mortgage loans for the purchase of real property. Barrowers that make payments of $600 or more on the interest of their mortgage loans may receive a 1098-MORT and enter the amount as a deduction on their induvial income tax. Notice that with 1098-MORT it is the lender who is receiving payments that must report the information to the IRS and send copies to the induvial(s) they receive payment from; while the payers are the ones that receive a copy and a deduction.

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1098-MORT Form

1098-MORT Form