IRS 2290 Tax Forms

Our aim is to provide simple, accurate and easiest way to fill E-file Form 2290 of our customers and quick dispatch of their accepted Schedule1 2290 Form. Tax2efile’s IRS Tax Forms are used to report and pay tax for big and bulky public road vehicles. This tax is also called as the Heavy Vehicle Used Tax or HVUT. We provide our Premium E-file Form 2290 Service to individual owners or operators, fleet owners, tax professionals and bulk filers. We are dedicated to provide you the best services including E-filing for 2290 amendments, lower service charges, free VIN corrections, instant status notification and free re-filing for rejections. Forget worrying about your file Form 2290 submission because we are available 24 hours to help you. Calculating the amount of truck tax due is the main part of the online form. We provide services to help you to calculate the most accurate number. Registration fees are not charged at our place for the initial stage. Our payment options are easy and flexible which includes Direct Debit(Electronic Fund Withdrawal), Electronic Federal Tax Payment System(EFTPS) and Money Order.

Heavy Vehicle Used Tax or HVUT

The The Heavy Vehicle Used Tax(HVUT) is an annual excise tax that must be paid by all heavy vehicle owners who put their trucks in use. This excise tax is administered and collected by the IRS by way of the Form 2290; however, the funds generated by the tax directly funnels into the various federal transportation agencies that are to implement programs and benefits. The Form 2290 filing season typically runs from the beginning of July to the end of that following June, but the IRS provides a simple deadline timetable that offers filers information about their Form 2290 due date. Filers that provide inaccurate, tardy or delinquent Form 2290s are given a harsh financial penalty by the IRS; this is how the agency is able to keep positive compliance rates.

Form 2290 Stamped Schedule-1

The Form 2290 is the document where filers input all of their business and vehicle information and this, in turn, is submitted to the IRS. Once the IRS has carefully reviewed a Filer’s Form 2290, the agency can either approve it by sending the filer their Stamped Schedule-1 or decline the submission due to inaccuracy. The Stamped Schedule-1 is the most important component of the Form 2290 filing process. The Stamped Schedule-1 is the proof of Heavy Vehicle Used Tax Payment. This is the document needed by heavy vehicle owners / operators inorder for them to be able to renew their tags. Without an annually updated Stamped Schedule-1, heavy vehicle owner / operators will have difficulty trying to receive their plates and tags.

The Heavy Vehicle Used Tax is used to finance roadway projects and programs planned by a variety of federal transportation agencies. Although the funds generated by the tax are used primarily to finance road maintenance, there are a number of other purposes for the tax. These funds also go towards national roadway infrastructure, heavy vehicle safety programs and devices, political efforts and much more. The funds collected through the Highway Heavy Vehicle Used Tax, virtually goes towards anything the trucking community politically advocates for. If an overwhelming amount of the trucking industry promotes the same issue, then it is very well possible that these federal agencies will listen up and accommodate the request.

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