Uploading Bulk Vehicle Information | Bulk Upload Through Tax2efile

Bulk Upload to File Form 2290 Vehicle Information

As per IRS direction, when you need to file Form 2290 for 25 or more vehicles, you need to file them electronically. But, IRS also recommends E-filing option even if you are reporting for a single vehicle. E-filing Bulk Upload is as simple as E-filing for Single Vehicle. All you need to do is, download the Bulk Upload Excel Sheet, enter the required information and upload the completed sheet to E-file your 2290 Truck Tax Return. This does not require much of your time, when you have the vehicle details on hand.

Simple Steps to Bulk Upload through Tax2efile

Step 1 : Create an account for free, add your business information and tax year.

Step 2 : In the vehicle information section, click bulk upload option.


Step 3 : Download our bulk upload spreadsheet and enter required fields in excel sheet.


Step 4 : Upload the completed bulk upload sheet to file your tax return. The main benefit of bulk uploading is that, you save more money with this E-filing. When you bulk upload through Tax2efile , you get attractive discounts throughout the year. The contrast of the word Bulk E-filing, the filing can be completed within minutes when you have the required information of the vehicles.

It is better to E-file IRS Form 2290, whether filing for 25 vehicles or a single vehicle. Because the E-filing Process is quick and you can get the Stamped Schedule 1 instantly after the IRS approval.