Form 2290 TIN Matching or TIN Verification Program

Form 2290 is also known as Heavy Highway Vehicle Used Tax Return. This form is required to be fulfilled, if you are a truck owner or tractor trailer owner or bus owner. We help you to file this form with ease and accuracy through our TIN Matching Program. We are an authorized agent to offer seamless and effective TIN Matching Services for Form 2290. We help you make your Form 2290 error free so that you can avoid heavy penalties due to wrong filing. Our TIN Matching Program will help you to check your form before filing. Pre-filing check will help you to understand the possible errors with your 2290 Form.

Being an authorized agent for providing TIN Matching Program Services, we assure your accuracy at the optimal level. Use our TIN Matching Service to make the process of Form 2290 submission seamless and of course error free. IRS Form 2290 is required to be filed if your vehicle weighs minimum 55,000 pounds or more. Another criterion is that it should be used on the public highways. If fleet exceeds 25 vehicles, it becomes mandatory for you to fill up this form.

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