Advantage of E-Filing IRS Form 2290

The Heavy Highway Vehicle Used Tax Return(Form 2290) can be used for paying taxes that are due on highway motor vehicles used within a specific period. This time period is when a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more may have been transported. You can also use the form to figure out and pay the taxes that are due on a vehicle for which a suspension statement was completed on a different Form 2290(if that vehicle later exceeded the 55,000 pound limit).

Heavy Vehicle Used Tax(HVUT) is an annual federal highway tax that is imposed on certain heavy motor vehicles. Semi-trucks and truck tractors and buses are the main vehicles taxed for their use on the roads, but more specifically highways. When the form has been completed and all taxes have been paid to the IRS, they will send a Stamped Schedule 1(Form 2290) back to the vehicle owner. This functions as a proof of payment and statement confirming allowance to register the vehicle at a local DMV. The IRS actually strongly suggests all vehicle owners needing to fill out one of these forms does so electronically. E-filing Form 2290 is super convenient and easy. However, if you are reporting on 25 or more vehicles, it is actually required you file online, so keep that in mind.

Basics of E-filing the Form 2290

You must have ready all miles travelled and what weight was carried on those journeys. If you have any claims for rebate or suspension, be sure to have the supporting documents for those statements as well. All of this information is transmitted to the IRS substantially quicker when filing online and they are more easily able to decipher whose documents go with which return and so on.

E-filing Form 2290 Advantages

As stated, the information you are sending to the IRS is going to reach its destination with expedience and safety. Your information is kept safely in their database and is included with any and all other information pertaining to your account. Hard copies are much more difficult to keep track of and can get lost along the way.

Interfaces are also easy to use E-filing. All instructions for documents and information needed are present and actual instructions are always a click away if you get stuck on something. You are also given customer service options when filing online, you don’t get that when filling a hard copy out. You are even able to chat with representatives who can walk you through each step, making sure you complete the 2290 Form successfully.

The IRS Form 2290 is not the hardest form you will fill out. It does take some time though, because you must be absolutely affirmative when you are entering the information. If you E-file with any miscalculations or falsified information, you will face some obstacles along the way. So double check your work before filing it! Once you are done you don’t have to worry about a thing, just wait for the Schedule 1 to arrive in the mail.

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