Why IRS is encouraging form 2290 e-filing

IRS 2290 filing for the tax period starts on 1st July, 2015 and ends on 30th June. 2016. People who possess a taxable heavy vehicle which weighs 55,000 pounds and more and is expected to go beyond the 5000 miles limit on public highway should report their 2290 taxes before 31st August and pay their tax in full. E-file or electronic filing is needed for every return reporting 25 vehicles or more. Taxpayers are generally suggested to file the form electronically because it is a quick procedure.
More about IRS 2290 Filing

Due Dates for Paying Form 2290

Form 2290 due dates start from 1st July through 30th June every year. The owner is required to file the form for the month when the vehicle is first used on public highway all throughout the reporting time. Form 2290 should be filed between 1st July and 31st August for all the vehicles which are used in the month of July for the very first time on public highway. For the vehicles which are used for the first time on public highway post the month of July, tax for present filing season remains prorated. People need to file the form within the last day of a particular month followed by the month in which the vehicle was used for the very first time on public highway. Nevertheless, form 2290 remains due by 31st August and owners need to get their Schedule-1 proved by then for getting their vehicle registered with state authorities. This is also required for renewing vehicle tags and insurance plates.

IRS 2290 Filing- Why is E-Filing Encouraged?

E-filing the IRS 2290 form through specialized service providers is highly encouraged these days because it fetched a number of benefits. With e-filing people no longer have to stand at downtown IRS offices spending the entire day in getting Schedule-1. If it is done online then it will hardly take a few minutes to receive the Schedule-1 proof. With e-filing facility, people also do not need to worry about waiting for their CPA or paid preparer for filing the 2290 form.
Everything is quite easy and the entire procedure can be carried out in a very convenient manner. E-filing the 2290 form also helps people in spending a large amount of money. The online sources that provide e-filing facility go through the entire procedure client by client and thus there are no difficulties faced by the filers. Apart from this, you can remain assured about 100% simple procedure, 100% secured payments and 100% accurate tax calculations. The service providers offer user-friendly interface waking the customer smoothly through the e-filing procedure. Apart from this, the online e-filing sources offer special pricing for fleet owners and tax professionals interested in e-filing business relation on a long-term.

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