Recordkeeping of IRS Form 2290 Submission

ETax2290 is one of the approved e-filing service providers that can offer live and up-to-date notifications for a customer’s submission. ETax2290 thought it would be quite beneficial for customers to be able to track the progress of their submission as it relates to submitting it to the IRS and whether their Form 2290 submission has been approved or declined. We make the tracking process so easy that anyone could do it at anytime from anywhere, as long as they have access to the Internet! So follow our instructions as we inform our customer base how they can keep track of their submission’s status.
If a customer has selected to pay the total tax due to the Internal Revenue Service by way of direct debit or Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, then our system will provide a reference number for the customer. It is this reference number that allows a customer to keep track of their submission status as well as download their Stamped Schedule-1 from the ETax2290 website when they are made available. The reference number should also be kept in case the customer must contact the ETax2290 customer support team, the reference number allows us to better assist our customers and with much better efficiency.
Now, here’s what you do. Once a customer has received their reference number after efiling a form 2290 they are at liberty to check the status of their submission on our website. On the ETax2290 homepage, there is a link entitled, “Check Submission Status,” click that link. The next screen will simply ask for a customer’s reference number and once they input their submission identification code, our system will give the latest update on the customer’s submission: whether it has been submitted to the IRS, approved by the IRS or declined by the IRS. If the submission has been approved, then the customer can elect to download the Stamped Schedule-1 from our website once they go back to the home screen. From the home screen, the customer must click “Download Stamped Schedule-1” and then input their reference number and user account information.

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