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10 Tips to Keep Drivers Healthy on the Road – Etax2290

Trucking is one of the most difficult jobs as they spend more hours traveling on the open road. This continuous work may harm physical and mental effects on a driver’s health. In this article, we are going to discuss about top ten tips to keep the drivers healthy on the road and also assist in combating the negative effects of trucking. Wellness program Wellness program can be an effective method to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The programs...

Additional Extensions of Time to File a Tax Return

A tax payer cannot request a second extension to file a personal income tax return with the IRS. Instead, the tax payer can request an automatic extension of time by filing Form 4868, this will grant the tax payer an extra 6 months to file the tax returns. Earlier, the tax payer could request an automatic 4 month extension followed by 2 month extension. Form 2688, which was used to request the second extension is no longer...