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Road Safety – Major Driving Mistakes to Avoid on Road Test

Passing a practical driving test doesn’t mean you are a complete expert in driving. It is just a pass that lets you out onto the road and certifies that you have basic driving skills. But as a driver out on the road, you have a huge responsibility to drive in a safe manner. This safety drive not only protects you but also protects other road users. Driving under the influence of the trainer is different from real-time...

Major Reasons for Your Tax 990 N Form Rejection by the IRS

IRS Form 990N filing and submitting to IRS is easy when your Form 990N rejected by IRS. Re-filing the form 990N is becoming a common practice as the IRS started to reject many of the tax Form 990N. So it is important for every tax filer to know why the IRS 990 Form is rejected on your return and need to know how to correct it to avoid penalties or losing the tax-exempt status. Reasons for IRS...

File a Tax Extension Form 8868 in This Summer

Though you have come out of the major tax deadline, the summer tax season is still in full swing especially for tax-exempt organizations, non-profits, and charities. Still did not file returns for your organizations? Or forgot to do so? There is the easiest solution to file Form 8868 tax extension in this summer.  The tax filers of the nation are having a deep breath as they have survived the current financial year’s tax return deadline. As an...

E-filing An Extension For Your Business Income Taxes

As a business person, your work schedules may be tight, you may have to track some struggling financial records or other financial complication that make the tax filing impossible to do on time. The Internal Revenue Service hears your difficulties and provides an alternate arrangement by offering a business tax 7004 extensions online. Extension Form 7004 for Business Income Taxes A business income tax extension is filed using Form 7004, depends on the type of business. Corporations...

Tips for Preparing IRS Tax Form 1040-EZ for 2018 Year

IRS Form 1040EZ is a Federal Income Tax Form, used to report filing status individual/ married jointly with no dependents to the IRS. 1040EZ Form is the right tax form, whose is not having kids, dependents, home, or didn’t attend college during the year. Filing Form 1040EZ is very easy and less complexity compared with Form 1040 and 1040A.