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Personal Tax Extension – Request 6 Months to File your Taxes

Generally, personal tax returns are required to be postmarked or filed by 18th April. In case you are not able to file within the stipulated time, you will have to face a late filing charge of around 5% on the tax amount that you actually owe. The amount is added to the tax balance for the month that you do not file. Apart from the late filing charge, there are fees and interests that also need to...

IRS Form 1099-MISC Instructions for Recipients in 2016

The 1099-misc form is used for reporting specific payment types made in business or trade. If you are self-employed or in business, you might have to submit form 1099-MISC to both the business or the person you are making payments to and to the IRS. You can even submit form 1099 online. If you are a businessman or an individual making payments to others then it is necessary for you to remain aware of 1099-MISC instructions. IRS...