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What are the IRS Tax Return Filing Statuses? – Find Your Correct Filing Status

If you wonder what are the IRS tax return filing statuses then it is necessary for you to know that IRS tax return statuses are important. Your tax filing status can have a major impact on the tax benefits that you receive the tax amount that you pay and the standard deduction amount. It might also have an impact on whether you need to file federal income tax return. In this case, you will need a federal...

Understanding about 1099-K Tax Form Reporting Requirements

1099 K form is basically an IRS information return which is used for reporting some payment transactions for improving voluntary tax compliance. IRS 1099 K needs to be received by 31st January in the prior calendar year of receiving payments: From payment card transactions like credit, debit or store-valued cards.  In the settlement of third-party payment network transactions more than minimum reporting thresholds of gross payments exceeding $20,000 and above 200 transactions. Form 1099 Reporting Requirements The...