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Effective Tips to Reduce Self-Employment and Freelance Taxes

No one likes to hand over their hard-earned money in taxes. The following tips will help you in saving money if you are self-employed or work on a freelance basis.   What is Self-Employment? If you have a business of your own, then you will fall in the category of self-employed people. Maintaining a business is not easy as you need to keep a watchful eye on different kinds of paperwork. But when it comes to tax...

1099 Tax Forms for the Independent Contractors – Forms that Need to be Used while E-Filing

Businesses outsourcing their functions to independent contractors need to make the use of specific forms to file taxes. The Internal Revenue Service uses the term Independent Contractor for designating the type of workers who contract their services to different businesses. First of all, businesses need to make sure that there make use of the right tax forms when filing the taxes for their actual employees. Tax Forms for Independent Contractors Once the status of an individual receiving...