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Understanding Form 1099 – Some Non-Profit Tips

Form 1099 can be taken as a vague IRS term. This is because there are different varieties of IRS 1099 forms. All the different forms have different purposes based on varied activities. Therefore, there are different filing requirements when it comes to IRS form 1099. Any tax-exempted organization that is required to file the IRS 1099 form needs to consider different factors in this procedure. The type of form that the organization is required to file is...

What is the Difference Between E-Filing and Paper Filing of Form 2290?

The HVUT or heavy vehicle use tax form is also called highway vehicle use tax form and it is reported annually based on the gross taxable weight of the heavy vehicles owned by companies or drivers. To be explained in simple terms, people who register a heavy vehicle with a taxable gross weight of around 55,000 pounds and more are required to file IRS Form 2290. E-filing is always the best option for paying theses taxes as...