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Form 2290 Due – Annual and Partial Tax Records Deadlines

Form 2290 is one of the most important taxes in the USA for the maintenance of highways. It is collected by the IRS, who forwards it to the public highway maintenance and construction groups. All the taxes that are collected from the people are used for road repairs on highways throughout the year. The United States of America has one of the most complex highways in the world. The roads are constantly subjected to rain, hail, and...

Truckers Should Aware Of Formalities on Each Heavy Road

The most basic formalities of acquiring the DOT number from the Department of Transport are compulsory for owner-operators and truckers for each of their operating vehicles in business added to the very importance of acquiring the commercial driver’s license with good medical fitness as applicable for drivers. The federal agency FMCSA involved in regulating the truckers who operate huge loads of cargo playing across two or more states roads should comply with getting the DOT number when...