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What is CVSA Inspection? Safety Roadcheck for Truckers

IRS form 2290 tax returns e-filing on July 1st, 2014 is indispensable for truckers, bus operators, and fleet-owners, in the same way even Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is equally important as a guiding force to truckers especially for their vehicles and drivers’ safety through yearly Roadcheck. This year 2014 North America road inspection of CVSA focused its attention on HAZMAT (haulers of hazardous materials) including imparting awareness through educational outreach on rail-road crossings and Compliance Safety Accountability...

Do Not Fail to E-File Form 2290 for 2014-15 HVUT Season

The electronic filing of excise tax form 2290 is the best and a convenient way for truckers and fleet-owners that run 25 heavy vehicles or more and is very much required as per IRS 2290 instructions. The present days are fastidious for one in this trucking business to attend to many of the transporting needs and office schedules as it happens from time to time and move frequently as expected and in unexpected ways, as this industry...

IRS Cancels Tax-Exempt Status for 275,000 Nonprofits

IRS in a statement in June 8th 2011 and as well as updated and posted on April 14th 2014 on their website points out that approximately more than 275,000 non-profits have lost their tax-exempt cases because of non-compliance with the rule of IRS for not filing annual tax returns for consecutive three years. Though this number is only an approximation as released and can find in IRS website under separate lists of affected organizations of each state...