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What is IRS Tax Form 2290 ?
Form 2290 is the form for Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return. For those who operate a truck or other heavy motor vehicles on the highway, they must file this form either by sending it in the mail or online. These are trucks that are a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more.

E-files and Due Dates
Completing the file online is a requirement for those who operate over 25 vehicles, and anything under can choose whether or not to do it online, though it is recommended. There is a small fee for e-filing since it is used through an IRS-approved software provider. The tax for operating the vehicle(s) must be paid in full while turning in the form either electronically (debit only) or by check or money order. In July 2013, the truckers and heavy highway vehicle operators had a chance file the form and pay the excise tax. It would normally due by August 31st, however in the year 2013 that would have been on a Saturday. Because of this, the due date was September 3rd.

After filing this form, the taxpayer receives their Schedule 1. In order to operate heavy highway motor vehicles, the Schedule 1 must be brought to the DMV for proof; it is recommended to have a good printer in order for it to vividly show the watermark. Those exempt from the tax include van owners, pick-up trucks, and trucks used for less than 5,000 miles. In order to provide safety, an Employee Identification Number is required upon filing form 2290. If the form is not filed, there is interest and penalties. It is due by the following month.

Tax Credit Returns
The taxpayer can rest assure that the IRS will send them an email once the form has been received. If the taxpayer makes the decision of purchasing another highway heavy vehicle within that tax period and they have already filed their 2290 form, they must submit a new form. Re-submitting the previous one with an added vehicle is not permitted by the IRS. For those whose vehicles get stolen, sold, or otherwise destroyed during the tax period, they may claim credit for the tax paid. Should the mileage end up being less than 5,000, they also may file for a credit claim.

More Weight, More Tax
If the taxable gross weight of a vehicle increases, it may be possible that it has fallen into a different category. All must be taken account for when filing this detailed form. The amount of tax required must be figured out, and must be sent with the form. If it’s through an e-file, a debit card must be used to pay the tax. Through mail, a check or money order is used. If a trucker claims that they have used a particular vehicle less than 5,000 miles, they still must complete the 2290 and check the box that states it. To figure out the tax, on the form itself is a list of gross weights. Each proceeding tax bracket with increasing gross weight has a higher tax amount. Each bracket has a difference of 1,000 pounds—the difference is roughly 10 to 20 dollars extra. As with all tax forms, this is a very important thing to file. One does not want to be at odds with the IRS, and it may even result in the receipt of money - so those eligible should file without delay.