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Who must File 990-EZ Schedule O

Schedule O is used to provide narrative information by organizations who filed Form 990-EZ to the IRS. Don’t use Schedule O to supplement responses to questions in other schedules of Form 990-EZ

Importance of 990-EZ Schedule O

Schedule O allows the organizations to provide explanation or narrative information about their activities, programs, and financial status to the IRS that is not specifically mentioned on the 990-EZ Form. Schedule O is essential for organizations that completed Part V in the 990-EZ Form.

Instructions to complete Form 990-EZ Schedule O

Part I - Revenue, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets or Fund Balances

Line – 8 If your organization generated the revenue from the other sources that were not mentioned in Form 990-EZ then report in this line.

Line – 10 If your organization has paid the amount of more than $5,000 to every grantee organization or individual should report here.

Line – 16 If your organization made any other expenses that were not reported on Form 990-EZ, mention them in this line.

Line – 20 If your organization made any changes in net assets or funds between the beginning and end of the tax year then describe it here.

Part II - Balance Sheets

Line – 24 Mention the details about the other assets of the organization

Line – 26 Mention the details about the total liabilities owned by your organization.

Part III - Statement of Program Service Accomplishments

Explain the other program activities conducted by your organization during the tax year.

Part V - Other Information

Line – 33 If your organization conducted any significant activities that were not reported to the IRS then answer “Yes” here.

Line – 34 If your organization made any significant changes in governing documents then answer “Yes” here.

Line – 35b If your organization generates revenue of amount more than $1,000 and hasn’t filed Form 990-T then explain the details in this line.

Line – 44d If your organization received payments for indoor training service and has not filed Form 720 then mention it here.

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