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Schedule G for Form 990-EZ

Form 990-EZ is used by Non-Profit and Tax-exempt organizations to report IRS and are required to file Schedule G to report supplemental information about fundraising, events, and gaming activities. Organizations provide information in 990-EZ Form that is accessible by the public to motivate volunteers and public contributors to support charity activities.

Who must File Form 990-EZ Schedule G

The Non-Profit Organizations that filed 990-EZ required to file Schedule G for following criteria,

  • If the organization received the amount more than $15,000 through fundraising event contributions and gross income should report on lines 1 and 6b in Part I.
  • If the organization received the gross income amount more than $15,000 through gaming activities should report on line 6a in Part I

Form 990-EZ Schedule G Instructions

Part I - Fundraising Activities
  • If your organization has participated in the following activities such as mail requests, request of non-government grants, phone requests and more to raise funds should mention here.
  • If your organization has written or oral agreement with any professional fundraising entity or individual services should mention it here. The following details are required,

    1. Name and address of entity or firm

    2. Activities done with them

    3. Did fundraiser have custody or control of contributions

    4. Gross receipts from activity

    5. Amount paid to (or retained by) fundraiser

    6. Amount paid to (or retained by) organization

  • Mention the organization registration or licensed details to request contributions or where it has been stated that it is exempt from such registration or licensing.
Part II - Fundraising Events
  • If the organization received the fund more than $15,000 in fundraising events contributions and gross income should mention it in Form 990-EZ lines 1 and 6b
  • If your organization has done any largest fundraising events and revenue generated through that should report along with direct expenses, cash prizes, non-cash prizes, rent, and more.
Part III - Gaming
  • If an organization reported a revenue of more than $15,000 on Form 990-EZ should mention it on line 6a.
  • If your organization has conducted various gaming activities such as Bingo, Instant Bingo, Progressive Bingo, and Pull tabs.
  • Mention the organization license details and state where your organization conducted the gaming activities.
Part IV - Supplemental Information

If your organization is required to provide any explanations can be mentioned in this part.

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