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E-file 4868 Tax Extension

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The Form 4868 is an application for an extension of time to file your U.S. Individual Tax Returns. Any taxpayer can get an automatic 6-Month tax return extension by filing or E-filing the IRS Form 4868.

If you are not able to file your U.S. individual tax on April, you can extend the date to file your tax return to October by filing the Form 4868, Application of Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Tax Return. When you file the Form 4868, extensions for filing income tax returns are automatic. You do not need to provide an explanation to the IRS. Tax2efile provides an easy way to file this tax extension!

Filing an extension is only an extension of time to gather information. There is no extension of time to pay the taxes. All individual taxes due must be paid by May 17th to avoid penalties and interest. An automatic extension extends the amount of time to file until October(for individuals). Please note that you must be able to prepare a good estimate of the actual taxes due in order to file valid extensions.

Tax2efile is an official E-file provider for IRS and you can file the Form 4868 to extend the time up to October. Tax2efile guides you step-by-step manner to file your tax return.

Once you filed your tax return with Tax2efile, within 24-48 hours you will get the electronic confirmation from IRS.

We keep your electronic returns for 2 years online. If you want copies of your old returns, we will provide them to you upon request.