Form 2290 - How to Calculate 2290 Tax Form?

Based on the following 3 factors, we can calculate amount of tax to be paid when filing Tax 2290 Form :

  • The Month First Used
  • The Category the Vehicle Falls Under
  • The Weight of the Vehicle

The Month First Used

The Month First Used designates the date the vehicle became taxable. If you are filing for an entire tax year which means you had ownership of the vehicle before the start of the tax year then you would choose month first used as July. The tax year for 2290 tax runs from July - June. If you bought the vehicle after July of the tax period then you would select the month first used as the month you acquired the vehicle.


  • Taxable- Vehicle is taxable per IRS tax 2290 Guidelines.
  • Suspended- Vehicle is not taxable due to low mileage driven or Agricultural Use
  • Sold- Vehicle is no longer in your name and has been sold.

The Weight of the Vehicle

  • This is the loaded Gross Weight of the Vehicle.
  • Based on these factors, your tax amount due will be calculated and you must then choose a payment method to pay the IRS.
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