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Tax2efile Mobile App is a simple and free to download the app for iOS devices. With Tax2efile App, complete your Tax filing from anywhere anytime. Tax2efile E-filing Service proved to be a simple and efficient filing platform to file tax returns on the web. With few improvisations, Tax2efile the app is available for your smartphones or other compatible devices. You can simply download Tax2efile App free and start filing the returns instantly. The Tax2efile App E-filing is simple and secure to start your filing from your own place.

The Tax2efile App is designed to be user-friendly such that the navigations are easy to use. If you are a user of Tax2efile through the web, you find no much difference between the web filing and the app filling. The only difference is that the filing became handier than before. You get access to all the features that are already present in the Tax2efile Web Application.

Tax2efile App for iOS

Tax2efile App is suitable for your iPhone, iPad or iPod to file various forms like Form 8849, Form 4868, Form 990N, Form 8868, Form 1099, Form 1098, Form 7004, Form 1040 and Form 2290. This app brings the simplified version of the Efiling actual Website to the iOS users. The Tax2efile App lets the taxpayers pay their taxes in minutes and filing them directly on the go from the iPhone, iPod or iPad. Follow the easy on-screen instructions to prepare the taxes and complete the simple steps to finish the filing Forms online through your iPhone. Download the app for Free from the iOS App store immediately to start E-filing your Tax Returns..

Tax2efile App for Android

Tax2efile App assists the tax filers to E-file their respective forms on their phone with minimal cost and effort. It requires only a few steps to complete the filing. You have lots of features bundled with this app like an automatic tax calculator, download the Stamped Schedule 1 and check the status of your filings. You can also break the filing session, save the filing and resume the filing later for completion.

As always, the Tax2efile Team comes with effective plans to simplify your filings and assists to complete the E-filing on time. We aim to process all the E-filings quickly and return the Stamped Schedule 1 immediately. For further guidance and queries, feel free to call us at 703-229-3026 or email at support@tax2efile.com.


Tax2efile Mobile App Unique Features

  • Create an account is FREE!
  • Receive Email/SMS confirmation once the IRS accepts your filing.
  • Automatic Tax Calculation.
  • Your data is secure with us!
  • Get answers for queries with U.S. based customer support team.
  • Access copy of your Stamped Schedule 1 proof.
  • Correct and resubmit your unlimited rejected filings for free.
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