Instructions for Form 2290

File Form 2290 electronically through Tax2efile with the IRS. Once your 2290 return is accepted by the IRS, you will receive a Stamped Schedule 1 in within minutes. If you are reporting 25 or more vehicles, you must go with E-filing Form 2290 tax returns. 

General Instructions

  • Calculate and pay the tax for your highway heavy vehicles with gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more that used the highway for transportation during the financial year.
  • Pay the tax due on your heavy vehicle for which the suspension statement is completed on another Form 2290 when the particular vehicle has exceeded the mileage use limit later during the tax period.
  • Pay the tax by submitting a Form 2290 when your taxable vehicle’s gross weight increases or falls into a new category.
  • Claim your refund from the tax paid previously when your vehicle is used within 5,000 miles or less(for the agricultural vehicle the usage limit is 7,500 miles) during the financial period.
  • Claim your credit on taxable vehicles which are stolen, destroyed or sold when you have paid the tax for that vehicle previously.
  • Report acquisition of a used vehicle for which the tax has been suspended.
  • Pay the tax for the acquired taxable vehicle and for using the vehicle during the tax period.
  • In order to report all the taxable heavy vehicles for which the tax is filed and when you are reporting suspension of tax under the category and for Vehicle Identification Number(VIN).
  • To show as a proof of payment for registering your vehicle in any state. You can use the copy of Stamped Schedule 1 and it is returned back to IRS.

Specific Instructions

  • EIN(Employer Identification Number) is a must to file Form 2290 online. You should not use SSN(Social Security Number).
  • You should have Vehicle Identification Number of each vehicle.
  • The taxable gross weight of each vehicle should come under its category.

Employee Identification Number

To file Form 2290 online, you must need an EIN. Social Security Number cannot be used in this case. If you do not have an Employee Identification Number, then, you must apply for that online.

Vehicle Identification Number

Vehicle Identification Number for each taxable vehicle must be filed. The VIN is 17 characters, consists of both letters and numbers. This can be got from registration or actual vehicle.

Taxable Gross Weight

The taxable gross weight of the heavy vehicle is calculated by taking the following into consideration and it is a total of :

  • The actual unloaded weight of the taxable vehicle.
  • The actual unloaded weight of trailers or semi-trailers which are used in combination with the vehicle.
  • The weight of the maximum load carried by the vehicle or any of the trailers used with the taxable vehicle.
  • Actual unloaded weight of a vehicle is the empty(tare) weight of the vehicle.
  • A trailer or semitrailer is treated as customarily used in connection with a vehicle if the vehicle is equipped to tow the trailer or semitrailer.
  • Fully equipped for service includes the body(whether or not designed for transporting cargo, such as a concrete mixer); all accessories; all equipment attached to or carried on the vehicle for use in its operation or maintenance; and a full supply of fuel, oil and water. The term does not include the driver; any equipment(not including the body) mounted on or attached to the vehicle, for use in handling, protecting or preserving cargo; or any special equipment(such as an air compressor, crane or specialized oil field equipment).

Follow all these 2290 instructions and E-file your truck taxes with IRS. While filing your tax form if you get stuck anywhere, our tax support team is here to help you via live chat, call and email.

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