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No matter if you are filing taxes for your own business, individual or on behalf of other businesses; you will feel the ease of Tax2efile E-filing process. Tax2efile offers advanced highly-secured web based solution to facilitate E-filing 1099 Series Forms such as 1099-MISC, 1099-INT and 1099-K from anywhere anytime without any downloads, subscriptions or monthly fees. For assistance you can connect our U.S. customer support team 8-6 EST Customer Support for E-filing 1099 Forms online without any errors before transmitting to the IRS. Tax2efile will keep your business information is safe and secured with our advanced security technology.

Benefits of Filing 1099 Forms with Tax2efile

Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing

We will E-file your 1099 Forms as soon as you submit them.Tax2efile will make sure that your Forms will reach the IRS and remain secure along the way.

Printing And Mailing

Payer Copies

It is important for you to have copies of all your Tax Forms, in case they are needed in the future. Tax2efile will provide you with copies of your Tax Forms.

Email Confirmation

Email Confirmation

Tax2efile will let you know what is going on with your taxes. We will send you an email confirmation that your Tax Forms have been submitted to the IRS; along with copies of the return filed and a receipt of fees paid.

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Tax2efile offers an advanced and highly secured web-based service to facilitate the electronic filing of the IRS 1099 Tax Forms.

1099 A

Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property

Report the acquired interest in a property that is for the security of a debt or that properties abandonment

1099 MISC


Report payment made in the course of your trade or business for miscellaneous activities

1099 B

Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions

Report interest for tax-exempt PBBET

1099 NEC

None Employee compenstion

Report payment to independent contractors related to your trade or business

1099 C

Cancellation of Debt

Report the canceled debt of $600 or more by financial entity or due to a identifiable event

1099 OID

Original Issue Discount

Report Report interest that is tax-exempt OID

1099 CAP

Changes in Corporate Control and Capital Structure

Report shareholder(s) control of corporation acquired or substantial change in captial sturcture

1099 PATR

Taxable Distributions Received From Cooperatives

For Cooperatives to report payment(s) of $ 10 or more in section 6044(b) distributions or backup withholdings

1099 DIV


Report dividends and other distributions to taxpayers and to the IRS

1099 Q

Payments from Qualified Education Programs

For eligible educational institutions and to report distribution from qualified tuition program

1099 G

Certain Government Payments

For federal/state/local government to report payment or unemployment, tax refunds, RTAA payment, grants, etc.

1099 QA

Distributions from ABLE Accounts

For state or its agency with established ABLE program to report distribution or termination associated with ABLE account

1099 H

Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) Advance Payments

Report received advance payments of qualified health insurance payments for eligible TAA or etc.

1099 R

Distributions From Pensions, Annuities, Retirement IRAs, or Insurance Contracts

Report the designated distribution of $10 or more to retirement plans, IRS, pensions, etc.

1099 INT

Interest Income

Report only interest payments made in the course of your trade or business including federal, state, and local govenment agencies

1099 S

Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions

Reports sale or exchange of real estate

1099 K

Payment Card and Third Party Network Transactions

For PSE to report payments made in settlement of reportable payment transactions

1099 SA

Distributions From an HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage

Report distribution made from a HAS, Archer MSA, or MA MSA

1099 LS

Reportable Life Insurance Sale

Reportable Life Insurance Sale

1099 SB

Seller's Investment in Life Insurance Contract

For issuer of life insurance contract to report policy sale provided under section 6050Y (a)

1099 LTC

Long Term Care and Accelerated Death Benefits

Report payment of long-terms care or acceleratd death benefits

Still Have Questions?

The IRS requires any corporation, partnership, employer, estate, and or trust, that is filing 250 or more information returns for the calendar year to be filed electronically.

No, Tax2efile is an e-filing provider and will file your return to the IRS with no need for any paper copies.

Yes, Tax2efile provides the filer with copies that can be printed and mailed out. We also offer a printing and mailing service that will print and mail out your forms to your payees.

Forms that can be printed and mailed are sent to your e-mail right after you submit your forms or you can use our printing and mailing services.

a. The penalty is based on whether the correct information is on the return. The penalty can be from $50 per 1099 form, the maximum penalty can be up to $194,000. The penalty increases to $100 per 1099 form if you submit more than 30 days after the due date, but by August 1; the maximum penalty is $556,500. If you file after August 1, the penalty increases to $280 per 1099 form, with a maximum of $3,392,000. Additionally, there are penalties for failure to furnish the payee statement.

Yes, all forms can be e-mailed out to the payee the same day that they are submitted.

Completing your return with Tax2efile can be done in as little as 5 minutes.

Yes, 1099 Forms have an option that allows the filer to make corrections to forms that have been filed already to the IRS.

    Payee's information such as
  • Name
  • TIN
  • Amounts

No, Form 1096 is not required when you e-file. Form 1096 is a summary form and is only needed when filing on paper. Tax2efile provides a copy to the filer after they have submitted their forms.

No, we provide a copy that has been filled so you can print and mail it to your payees.

Tax2efile provides a TIN check service that allows you to check all TINs before filing them to the IRS.

No, you don't have to but it's highly suggested since this will prevent any inconveniences in the long run.

There could be many reasons why the TIN and the name do not match. It can be very likely due to a typo on either the name or the TIN. Sometimes the vendors use their DBA (Doing Business As) name instead of their legal entity name. The IRS only recognizes the legal entity name.

a. TIN checks are a $1.00 per TIN match request.

a. No, as long as the number is a valid tax identification number that is a nine-digit number.

It is possible to file 1099s without the payee's Tax ID. The filer will need to enter zeroes in the “Tax ID” field. However, for missing or incorrect Tax IDs reported on a 1099, the IRS issues CP2100 notices instructing you to initiate a TIN request from your vendor. To avoid these inconveniences, it is recommended to file the correct TIN in advance.

The payer is the filer, and the payee is the one that receives the payment.

If you have more questions, please refer to our FAQ page.

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