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TIN Matching Program for Form 1099 & 1098

We offer TIN matching services for Form 1099. If you want to avoid expensive penalties due to invalid filing of 1099 Form, we can help you out. We assist our clients with our accurate and professional TIN matching services so that 1099 Form filing can become error free, glitches free and hassle free. TIN matching is basically a pre-filing service that is provided by IRS. Being an IRS authorized agent, we offer seamless TIN matching program so that tax filers can take a note of their Form 1099 before they file or submit it. The essence of the program is identifying the mistakes or mismatches at the pre-submission stage so that glitches can be avoided at later stage.

Our TIN Matching Program will help you to understand the mistakes or errors that you have performed while filling your 1099 Form. Based on the results of TIN Matching Program, you can do the required corrections to file your 1099 or 1098 Forms seamlessly.

Feel free to register with us and complete your E-filing of Tax Forms 1099 and 1098 at any time.

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