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With this option, you will find the help that you need, in order to file a 1099 Form for all Information Returns of your Businesses. With our application process, you will be provided with the ease you need in order for your tax returns to be filed; this process is done with such ease and with the most easy-to-use, step-by-step approach that you will ever find. It gives you the peace of mind just knowing that we are here for you while you are preparing to file your taxes. This is what we do, this is how we do it, and there is no other place that helps you the way we do.

There is no Need for Form 1099 Software to be Purchased

There is no need for any additional software to be purchased or downloaded in order to file your 1099 Tax Form.

Update your Business’s & Recipient’s Information

With our application process, it allows and enables Payers to update Business and Recipients Information as well as it can be used for future purposes and at any time it is needed. As a business owner, you never know when you need to obtain information that you do not readily have but with us you are able to get without question or delay.

Have your Taxes E-filed for you to the IRS in just 24 hours

Once the payer enters the Information Returns and submits this information, we then E-file and update the Payer with the confirmation email within a 24 hour period. It goes without saying that putting forth the time and effort you want from our services, is fully at your beck and call.

We strive to help individuals and their businesses to file their returns electronically with the IRS and any other state or federal agencies that are required to be fulfilled during tax season. We offer Tax Payers with expert chat support that is at a valuable and affordable price. There is not much more that you want than knowing we go beyond just helping you in preparing your tax returns and to E-file your tax return information, we want to be there at any time you need us. We are here for you and your business’s tax needs; no job is too big or too small for us to do and no question is too simple or complicated for us to answer. Let us be the ones you count on each and every tax season. With our services, it is so easy to do your taxes returns and have them E-filed online in just a matter of minutes.

You have a need and want for your taxes to be prepared and filed with the ease and peace of mind that takes to do it correctly; this is exactly what we give you. Register here or get in touch with us via 703-229-0326.

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