What is IRS 1040 Form?

For every U.S. resident, tax filing is mandatory. There are several forms for filing various taxes, including business revenues and personal income. The IRS Form 1040 is the form for filing individual tax returns. The 1040 Form can be filed either online (e-filing) or on paper.

For all individual income tax returns, the deadline is usually on the 15th of April the following year. If the 15th of April falls on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) or on a national holiday, the date will be moved to the following business day.

You can e-file the 1040 Form through three different means:

  • By using the IRS’s Free File; an e-filing tool set up by the IRS for those who earn $65,000 or less (terms and conditions apply).
  • Using a tax compliance software approved by the IRS for electronically filing taxes.
  • With Tax2efile a tax-filing professional who is accredited by the IRS

We provide the necessary guidance taxpayers need to file their taxes as well as skillfully handling tax-filing responsibilities. Contact our tax support team today!

Who Should File 1040 Form with Tax2efile?

Filing the IRS 1040 Form is mandatory for every U.S. resident, whether they are citizens or not. Only taxpayers with complicated returns are advised to opt for other variants of the forms with various schedules.

In a given Financial year if you fall into any of the following categories, you should file Form 1040.

  • Single with a gross income of at least $12,550. (under 65) or $14,050 (65 or older)

What do you need to e-file Form 1040 with Tax2efile?

  • Some of the information every filer must provide include:
  • Information about the filer (or taxpayer) and their status.
  • Details including their social security number and dependent information as well.
  • Details from their streams of income, including wages, royalties, pension, etc.

The 1040 Form helps taxpayers determine if they owe additional tax or are entitled to a tax refund.

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Anyone younger than 65 is only eligible for 1040

The age requirement is the main factor that determines your 1040-SR eligibility. First, the 1040-SR Form is primarily for senior citizens as opposed to the 1040 form. This implies that to be eligible for filing the 1040-SR form, you must be at least 65 years old. As a senior, whether you are retired or still working, you are still eligible for the 1040-SR as long as you meet the age requirement.

Still Have Questions?

Tax2efile currently only files for single individuals.

The IRS processes a refund within two to three weeks from the date the return was submitted but can be received much quicker if the direct debit option is selected.

Yes, Tax2efile supports combined federal and state.

That is not a problem, you can have your refund mailed as a check to your home address. You will always have the option to have your check mailed to your house regardless of if you are filing electronically or sending your return by mail.

Contact your employer to request a copy of your W-2

Yes, the extension form 4868 is used to request more time to file your 1040 form. Tax2efile can also help with filling out form 4868.

The deadline is April 18th of each year. If the due date falls on a weekend or a holiday the deadline will be on the next business day.

You can see the instructions of form 1040 by clicking on www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040gi.pdf.

The filing fee to file form 1040 is free for most states but may have a small fee for certain states.

Contact your employer to request the problem to be immediately solved.

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