Arizona full-year residents and part-year residents with gross income greater than $12,400 must file a tax return if they are: Single or married filing separately; Head of household must file if their gross income is greater than $18,550. Married or filing jointly must file if gross income is greater than $24,800. Taxpayers can begin filing individual income tax returns through our Tax2efile application. Arizona taxpayers must use IRS Form 140 to e-file Resident Personal Income Tax Return. The tax payment deadline is April 15th. The guidelines for your filing status for your grossed income is at the link: here.


A Arizona part-year resident is any person who moves into the state with intent of residency or a person who moves out of the state during the year, with the intent to remain absent. Part-year residents are subject to Arizona tax on income earned during time of residency. The guidelines have been provided at the following link: here


Non-resident individuals who work in and receive income from the state are subject to Arizona state income tax. A credit against Arizona income taxes is allowed for non-residents but not allowed a credit by their state of residence for taxes paid to Arizona. Guidelines have been provided at the following link: here

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