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What is IRS Tax Form 990N ?
Form 990-N is Exempt Organizations Annual Reporting Requirements and an Annual Electronic Notice for small organizations. It is not an actual PDF file that is downloadable, printable, written by hand and sent in to the IRS. It is an e-Postcard with less than 10 questions that must be filled out online by typing the information they ask for.

When to File Online
The e-Postcard is filed through the IRS’ partner, Urban Institute. If the file fails to work through the official IRS website, then there is an alternate website with the online form available through the Urban Institute website. Most small tax-exempt organizations whose revenue is less than 50,000 dollars must file this quick and easy form online to the IRS. This became a law in 2006 - beforehand, no such tax forms were required to be filed. These organizations will remain tax-exempt, but they still must file the 990-N. This is the alternative form for 990 and the 990-EZ. The form is due by the 15th day of the 5th month of the organization’s close of the tax year, which most of the time is the same as the accounting period). Should it so happen that the date falls on a legal holiday or a Sunday, the form is due the following business day.

Deadlines and Penalties
There are no penalties for not filing 990-N on time, but the IRS will send you a reminder that the e-Postcard is due soon. If the particular organization fails to file the form for three consecutive years, the IRS reserves the right to deny their rights to be tax-exempt. The form may be easy to forget to file since it is online, quick and easy to fill out. But with the IRS sending reminders, it is an avoidable issue. There are clear instructions online as to how these organizations should file the e-Postcard.

Short Yet Critical
There’s hardly a need for instructions to file this form, however. Simply go to the IRS website and search for the 990-N form to file. Along with that, there are few yet critical pieces of information needed for it that the organization must provide. A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or an Employer Identification Number, tax year, legal name and address, any alternative names by the organization are half of the required information. The organization’s website, the name and address of the principal of the organization, and proof that their annual gross receipts are under 50,000 U.S. dollars is the other half. They also must include, if it’s applicable, if the said organization is being terminated or going out of business.

The IRS is pretty lenient with the 990-N form required by these small tax-exempt organizations. Three years of neglecting an important form however will make them become taxable, which would be unfortunate due to the small amount of money they are able to receive. The form is short, simple, and convenient and should be filled out promptly to avoid any reminders, even if there aren’t any immediate negative penalties that involve a loss in money.