E-filing Services for Tax Professionals

This option helps to manage multiple businesses with single registration. This 2290 Tax Application is developed to file tax return for multiple vehicles with ease and minimum time & effort. Usually, we are offering special discounted prices for  tax professionals to file their client’s 2290 Forms.

Unique Features for Tax Professionals

  • Single Sign-In

    Tax2efile allows you to add an unlimited number of businesses to a single account. Access all your clients and vehicles details in one place while still keeping them organized.

  • Special Pricing

    We offer special discounted rates for tax professionals and other industry service providers.

  • Bulk Upload

    For every vehicle in your client’s fleet, you can simply upload an Excel File containing the vehicle information directly into your account. The bulk upload works for taxable vehicles, suspended vehicles and credit vehicles(sold / stolen / destroyed and low mileage).

  • Business Registrations

    Tax Professionals are enabled to unlimited business registrations in managing their clients.