IRS 2290 Form

When you own a heavy weight vehicle with gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more and uses the public highway for transportation by exceeding the mileage use limit 5,000 miles, you need to file the Heavy Vehicle Used Tax(HVUT) using the Form 2290, which is also referred as IRS 2290 Form.

Who Required to file IRS Form 2290?

If you are a trucker and own a heavy weight vehicle with a gross taxable weight of 55,000 pounds or more, the tax payer needs to E-file 2290 Form in order to get the Stamped Schedule 1. When the tax payer wants to register any taxable highway motor vehicles in their name under state, District of Canadian, Columbian or Mexican law at the period of the vehicle’s first use during the tax period.

Requirements to Complete IRS 2290

In order to file Form 2290 online, the tax filer needs Business Name, Address, Employer Identification Number(EIN) and the details of authorized person signatory. Also, vehicle details including the Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) and the Gross Taxable Weight. When the tax payer chooses to pay through direct debit, ensure to provide the correct routing and account number.

Note that, for filing Form 2290, EIN is mandatory. If you do not have the EIN, apply for it immediately.

When to File Form 2290?

Form 2290 has to be filed when the taxable heavy vehicle is brought into first use on the public highways during the tax period. The current tax period starts from July 1st, 2019 and ends on June 30th, 2020. The due date of the Form 2290 will be on August 31st. If the due date falls on Saturday, Sunday and official holiday, then the filing can be made on next business day.

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