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Complete your Tax Financial Check-up Before End of the Year

Finance is an important part to drive our life. Without proper finance, it is hard to survive. Hence, by knowing the importance of this finance, as a regular taxpayer, you need to think about tax financial check-up at least once a year. In this article, let us check how to complete your financial check-up before the end of the year. How To Do An Annual Financial Checkup Evaluate Your Subscriptions As a first step in the financial...

Form 4868 Extension Request Rejection – Etax4868

Form 4868 is for the taxpayers who require an extension of time to file the tax return. With this automatic extension, the taxpayer gets 6 additional months to do the paperwork for the tax return. In order to obtain the automatic extension, you need to report the Form 4868 to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) before the original filing due date of the tax return. This also covers the filers of the Form 1040, Form 1040 A,...

The Independent Contractors Pros and Cons

There are numerous benefits while you hire the independent contractors ( ICs), but also there are few drawbacks too. Hence, before hiring an independent contractor you need to assess both the pros and cons so that you get a clear understanding before taking a better decision. Pros of Hiring Independent Contractors  There are many advantages of using independent contractors when compared to normal employees. Save More Money Though most of the employers pay their Independent Contractors per...