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7 Facts Should Know about IRS Late Filing and Late Payments Penalties

The annual deadline for the people to file their federal income tax return is 15th April. This is also the deadline for people to pay any taxes that they might owe. As per law, there is an IRS late filing penalty that the IRS can assess to the taxpayers. This means that the penalty is also assessed on the taxpayers who fail to pay the taxes that they owe within remaining deadline. These penalties levied by the...

1099-INT Form Instructions for 2016-Efile 1099-INT Tax Form

1099 forms are a type of tax documents which are used for reporting certain kinds of payments which are made by financial institutions. These forms are used in U.S.A for preparing and filing information returns for reporting various sources of income other than salaries, wages, and tips. They can be filed through two ways mainly. Firstly, they are sent manually. Secondly, they are sent electronically through Filing Information Returns Electronically System (FIRE). These series of documents are...

1099 Form and 1099-MISC Deadline for 2016 to 2017

1099 forms are related to tax where they are used for reporting various types of payments.  They have certain due dates, after which, they can lead to some severe penalty. These forms are tax documents which are used for reporting some kinds of payments, which are made by financial institutions as well as others, making payments part of their business or trade as per IRS Regulations. This 1099 filing can be done in two ways. Firstly they...