Form 2290

What is IRS Form 2290 ?

Form 2290 or Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return (HVUT) is a federal excise tax on vehicles running on the highways with a gross weight of more than 55,000 pounds. They must have to file 2290 form either by sending it in the mail or online. Efiling form 2290 will improve federal excise tax process, time saving, resources, preparation errors and paper wastage. You will get your scheduled 1 quickly (tax return accepted by IRS) through

Who Need to E-file 2290 Form?

If you are operating 25 or more heavy vehicles on highways you should efile your 2290 form with IRS. Tax2efile is the best choice to efiling your truck taxes with simplified process. We are providing you the simple way to efile form 2290 and get your stamped scheduled 1 in minutes.

HVUT Exemptions

The annual fee imposed on heavy motor vehicles operating on public highways with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds (lbs) or more. Those exempt from the tax include van owners, pick-up trucks, and trucks used for less than 5,000 miles.

Several Groups Exempted from the HUVT

  • The Federal Government
  • State or local governments includes District of Columbia
  • The American Red Cross
  • Non-profit volunteer fire departments, ambulance associations or rescue squads
  • Indian tribal governments (vehicles use involves in essential tribal government functions)
  • Mass transportation authorities

Vehicles Exempted from the HUVT

  • Commercial vehicles travelling 5,000 miles or less used in during tax year
  • Agriculture vehicles travelling 7,500 miles or less used in during tax year
  • Vehicles not considered as a highway motor vehicles - Mobile machinery vehicles used to perform certain operations (construction, manufacturing, drilling, mining, timbering, processing, farming etc).
  • Qualified blood collector vehicles used by qualified blood collector organizations.
  • File a tax return on vehicles which are stolen, sold, or otherwise destroyed during the tax period, they may claim credit for the tax paid (less than 5000 miles annually)

When to File 2290 Form ?

The IRS 2290 form or HVUT filing season will start from July 1st and would be up to August 31st of the year. The truckers and heavy highway vehicle operators had a chance to efile the 2290 form before the tax due date. However in the tax year that would have been on a Saturday. Because of this, the due date will be next business day. For any quick support while E-filing your HVUT forms you can call us 703-229-0326 or can email to

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